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Virtual Collaboration Exhibit

Our January exhibit in the Nicholas Street Gallery is all about collaborations! The building is once again open to the public, but we wanted to bring you this virtual option as well for those continuing to isolate. 

A dictionary may describe collaboration as the action of working with someone to produce or create something. At the Hot Shops, working together, inspiring each other, and taking that collaborative practice into the community is second nature.

Covid may have put limitations on the gatherings that facilitate collaboration, but it has not put limitations on creativity. Here we celebrate both creativity and collaboration as we look at a sampling of shared projects – some created before the time of lockdown and some created in spite of it.

As you watch the videos below you will see how ideas came to life through the conversations and experimentation that is all part of asking, “What if?”


  • Paula Wallace and kids from UNMC’s Munroe-Meyer Institute
  • Alan Austin with daughter, Claire
  • Tim Barry, Chris Kemp, Dan Toberer
  • Les Bruning, Alan Austin, Jack Gatzemeyer and employees of Lakeside Auto Recyclers
  • Ed Fennell and Girl Scouts
  • Lana Yager and Michael Madrigal
  • Dar Vandevoort and the Artists’ Coop Gallery
  • Jenn Flegle with sister, Kim Vande Vegte
  • Lori Elliott-Bartle, Marcia Joffe-Bouska and Tom Quest
  • Jennifer Radil with UNMC’s Munroe-Meyer Institute
  • Tracy Rotundo with Family, Friends and You, the public!
  • Terry Koopman and Girl Scouts
  • Dan Toberer and Molly Toberer
  • Diane Mattern and Deb Anderson
  • Marsha Swanson and Kris Khan
  • Charity Kracher and Jennifer Maginn
  • Jennifer Young and Josephine Langbehn