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June Artists in Action

Our concentration of  90 artists at the Hot Shops has forged a truly unique arts organization, and the work they do enhances the vibrant arts community in Greater Omaha. Check out the impact some of our resident artists have been making recently!

Omaha Summer Arts Festival commissioned Hot Shops artists, Anthony Pena, Ang Bennett, Brad Marr, Josephine Langbehn and other artists throughout the community  to each create murals for the festival. The completed murals will be assembled into giant cubes and placed throughout Omaha in a city-wide celebration of the arts! Find the cube locations here >

Valerie St. Pierre Smith recently attended The Indigenous Haute Couture – Digital Embellishments residency, a four-week program at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.  This residency is empowering a diverse array of Indigenous makers and designers to infuse upcycling and digital technology with cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship.

“To just see people living in a space that isn’t completely westernized – because I’ve been in predominantly white fashion spaces my whole life and it gets exhausting – is just like … I can’t even tell you how full it makes my heart,” said St. Pierre Smith, who is of Anishinaabe Gaa-waabaabiganikaag descent. Read more >

Eduardo Gardea and Shawnequa Linder were featured in an exhibition and workshops for emerging artists at the Samuel Bak Museum. More information >


Terry Koopman has work in the upcoming Gallery 1516 exhibit, Nebraska Flatwater, June 13 – August 11.
This exhibition is an expansion of the original video installation, Nebraska Flatwater. The exhibit has tall screens that surround visitors with the Nebraskan landscape throughout the four seasons. The video installation will be on display in one section of the gallery, while the rest of the space features paintings and photographs by Nebraska artists based on the theme of “water.” This multidisciplinary exhibition celebrates the beauty and importance of Nebraska’s water, land, and environment. More information >


Ang Bennett, Josephine Langbehn, Anthony Peña, and Valerie St. Pierre Smith, have a digital textile piece in the Salina Arts Center’s Mountain Plains Contemporary Art Biennial. 

 The Biennial was established in 2018 to highlight artists who are balancing the traditions and history of our region with a larger, global contemporary practice. The artists of the Mountain-Plains region are equally defined by their place while also defining it, and continuing to redefine it. Read more >


Eduardo Gardea, George Garrett III, and Jenna Jaffery are featured in a Cali Commons exhibition titled Layers of Identity, with an artist talk on Saturday, June 18. More information >