Hours: Weekdays 10-6. Weekends 11-5.

July Artists in Action

Our concentration of  90 artists at the Hot Shops has forged a truly unique arts organization, and the work they do enhances the vibrant arts community in Greater Omaha. Check out the impact some of our resident artists have been making recently!

Eighteen Hot Shops Art Center artists participated in the last Omaha Summer Arts Festival in June, some with booths of their own, and some at the Hot Shops ArtSeen booth. The Hot Shops provided demonstrations in glassblowing, torch work, pottery, painting, and indigenous beadwork throughout the three-day festival.

Bidding farewell to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival is difficult, marking a significant loss for artists in revenue and marketing potential. However, creativity is a journey, filled with challenges and do-overs. At the Hot Shops, we embrace ideas and problem-solving. Our ‘Keeper’s of the Flame,’ are ready to work to ensure the artistic spirit of Omaha never dims.

We are on the brink of exciting new opportunities with the development of our North Downtown Neighborhood. Highlights include the Art + You Gallery at Millwork Commons, the soon-to-open Dizzy Mule development featuring arts and culture venues, a two-block alley showcasing sculptural art leading to Hot Shops, and expanding our open studio nights to regular monthly events in Spring 2025.

As Omaha’s largest artist collective, Hot Shops is a link, making local artists visible year-round in Omaha’s thriving arts and culture scene. 

2025 Hot Shops OSAF Participating Artists:

Matthew Shrader
Lynn Kvigne
Rose Rutherford
Tashena Mason
Molly Toberer
Joseph Giitter
George Garrett
Vickie Hughes
Anthony Pena
Jon Bleicher
Dan Toberer
Shawnequa Linder
Greg Macdonald
Mell Smith
Samuel Logeman
Dan Toberer
Letha Goldsmith
Joan Wilson Sangimino