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Its Time to Celebrate and Elevate

We have made some big moves since we founded the nonprofit in 2019, and we are just getting started.

In 2022, the Hot Shops Art Foundation purchased the building known as the Hot Shops Art Center. 

Last year, we welcomed nearly 19,000 people to the Hot Shops for educational programming and events! We provided 648 classes and workshops to 3,395 individuals. We provided 87 tours and demonstrations for 2,159 individuals. 21 of those educational programs were offered at no cost to 323 under-resourced children.

This year, we plan to reach nearly 500 under-resourced children with impactful, inclusive programming designed to ELEVATE the hearts and minds of our next generation. Let’s create a critical mass of future makers, while making a positive cultural impact through our educational and public programming.

One of the greatest gifts you can give an artist is the space to create.

We provide our collaborative of artists and creative learners with the freedom and opportunity to explore, to exchange ideas and to develop their voice – across our entire Hot Shops space.

Our historic Hot Shops building is home to several stories of talented artists; but, not all students – or artists – can reach every floor. That’s why we are launching a capital campaign to renovate our two elevators and make them accessible for all.

We need accessible, working elevators to elevate learners of all ages. To accomplish this, we’re campaigning for a strong, broad coalition of support to help us stabilize into the future and renovate Omaha’s Hot Shops building into a world-class facility that evokes pride and better accommodates all needs.

Join us, as we live our mission – catalyzing creativity, and putting artistic opportunity within reach. With your help, we’re ready to raise the bar as we raise up Omaha’s artists.

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