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Providing Space for Music Inspiration

The Hot Shops was proud to provide a creative backdrop for musician Jessica Hanson’s latest work – Singularity. 

“Hot Shops is the de facto creation space for Omaha artists,” said Jessica. “I felt inspired being within such close proximity to the amazing talent and near limitless beauty adorning their halls and workshops. The open space, beautiful light and solid acoustics suited me perfectly for live performance as well as music video production.”

Singularity premiered on February 26. The word Singularity describes when space and time are intertwined to the point where they are no longer distinguishable from each other. Hanson is looking for that point here in a robust assertion of all the violin is truly capable of.  Looped string arrays position themselves around bass waves that evoke the feeling of being in a downtown London club at 3am. If you love downtempo instrumentals akin to Bonobo or want an alternative to Lindsey Stirling then this is your late night study jam. 

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