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Madelaine Healey

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Madelaine Healey

In the studio - Monday - Saturday, Noon - 6 p.m.
Hours subject to change. To ensure artist availability, please email.

Madelaine was first introduced to clay at Omaha North High School. Continuing forward she cultivated her interest in the Kent Bellows Mentor Program and as a studio apprentice at Down Under Pottery in Lincoln, NE. After many years with an obsession for pottery and the process, Healey received her BFA from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. She then moved on to be a Summer Studio Assistant at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Today Healey creates and exhibits her work at Hot Shops Art Center as well as Smokestack Pottery in Fort Collins, CO.

Artist Statement

Intention, Interaction, and Invention are elements I focus on when designing pottery intended to weave seamlessly into everyday life. The functional work I create is in a continual state of discovery, aiming to create meaningful interaction that intrigues, delights, and comforts the user. This exploration happens on a technical level by taking an original form then altering it to fulfill such goals. This manipulation comes in many forms; squaring of the piece, introduction holes within the form, or upside-down handles. These changes make each piece engage the user in subtle ways allowing their actions to form connections with the work. Focusing on how each piece is utilized helps further the relationship between person, object, and home. While the adapted forms continue to serve their original purpose, there is also intrigue about utilization, functionality, and comfort. These factors seek to allow satisfying and diverse reactions from each holder, while the experience is molded around them.

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