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Artist Feature: Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young has been at the Hot Shops for almost four years. Currently located in studio 219, she is an artisan and founder of J.Diane Creations, a creative events company. She started out as a wedding planner and designer and now specializes in art and handmade crafts. Jennifer believes that creativity is meant for everyone, she enjoys creating so much that she decided to teach others through public and private DIY workshops. 

We caught up with Jennifer for this month’s artist feature!

What are you currently working on in the studio?
A: I am currently working on stocking up on my handmade greeting cards in time for a busy holiday season. 

If you could provide one creative tip for someone today – what would it be?
A: Make sure to find other creatives who can encourage you along the way.

What has been the most significant moment you’ve had since you’ve been at the Hot Shops?
A: Teaching my very first art workshop in my current studio. It was such a great feeling to be in a space large enough to teach private classes in. 

How has your experience here impacted the work you do?
A: I love to have a space outside of my home dedicated to creating. It has been so helpful and encouraging to be around other artists daily. I have learned a lot just being in this community. Being at Hot Shops has allowed me the ability to teach and create in one space. It has given me exposure to new clients and class bookings. I have grown in my knowledge on how to run a creative business because of the seasoned artists around me. 

You’ve got something big you’ve been waiting to announce, tell us what it is!
A:  I am very excited to announce a partnership with 402 Arts Collective! I have the opportunity to launch a DIY studio in Benson called The Creative Impulse that will provide craft and art classes for all ages. Stay tuned for the grand opening this January!

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Jennifer Young
Jennifer Young in Studio 219. Photo by Ally Karsyn
Jennifer's handmade greeting cards. Photo by Ally Karsyn
Jennifer teaching a sneaker design class to Completely Kids/Norris Middle School.